quinta-feira, maio 26

Day 29.

Time has passed. You have been gone for so long that your image is fading away. I don't go there anymore, which is actually harder than I thought because that's the place where I...
I remember all I felt, from the moment I leave my house until the moment I get there: I was so nervous, but not nervous in a bad way, I was exciting to see you again (for still having that chance). The butterflies in my stomach meant only one thing. That was one of the symptoms of being... I found myself smiling, just by thinking of you. You were the highlight of my day.
Everything I got now are memories and even that seems so far away.
I can't stop wondering: What if I haven't met you? Would my life be the same? And what if things were different? Would it have worked? If I haven't met you, I wouldn't be hurting.
But then I think: I would rather be suffering right now, that not knowing you. I can handle pain, (even though it kills me inside) I learn to live along with it. What I can't handle is not knowing you, so I'm happy I did. You changed my life and made it better, brighter and I thank you for it.

 * I wish I could still say you're the highlight of my day because that would
mean you'd still be there. That doesn't mean I forgot about you, though.
I think of you, every single day.

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