sexta-feira, abril 29

Day 2.

You're gone. But, somehow, I still can picture you there. I come in and my eyes still look for you because deep down, I hope you'll be there. But you're not. And I can't handle that. It has been two days and I miss you as it has been months. Everything in that place reminds me of you, which makes it even harder.

A week from now, I just have one wish...

quarta-feira, abril 27

The end.

And that was the end of it.
Thanks for the memories, thanks for all the smiles but most of all, thanks for come in into my life and stayed there for a little while.

I forgot to say, I really liked getting to know you.
P.s. I miss you already.

quinta-feira, abril 21

And reality came along.

This is killing me. Knowing that I have a deadline. And if I wanna do something, now it's the time because in a few days it will be too late. But do what? What can I do to change things? I can't think of anything. Or rather, I can, I just don't have the courage to do it.
This is too hard. I just met you, I'm not ready to let this go. Whatever this is... I'm not ready to walk away.
The idea of you leaving terrifies me, scares me.
It is said it's a good thing to be scared. It means you still have something to lose.

I'm talking non-sense, I think.

sábado, abril 9


Knowing I'm gonna be with you, it's the highlight of my day. I know I shouldn't and I can think about many reasons, but I can't help it. The world is a free place and I'm allowed to dream. So let me. I know I will wake up someday and once I do, reality will come along and disappointment will appear (because it's always like this, so we get used to it. I still want to believe this is real, though).
It comforts me to know that you'll be there. It feels so good to come in and knowing the first person I'm gonna see it's you, because I know that, unconsciously, my eyes are going to look for you. It's like everything in you comforts me: your smile, your eyes and your voice.
You feel right and I like that feeling. In fact, I like it too much to walk away, too much to let it go.
But you won't be always there and that's what's killing me. Because one day, I'm gonna come in and you won't be there, your space will be empty. I can't even think about how it's going to be. I wish I could postpone that forever, so it didn't have to happen. Or maybe I could just freeze these moments. Then they would be always perfect because reality cannot ruin them.
I just wished there was another way. I wished it so badly.
Give me a chance, please.