domingo, maio 29

Day 32.

I would do anything...
I just wished you knew that... and the rest.

quinta-feira, maio 26

Day 29.

Time has passed. You have been gone for so long that your image is fading away. I don't go there anymore, which is actually harder than I thought because that's the place where I...
I remember all I felt, from the moment I leave my house until the moment I get there: I was so nervous, but not nervous in a bad way, I was exciting to see you again (for still having that chance). The butterflies in my stomach meant only one thing. That was one of the symptoms of being... I found myself smiling, just by thinking of you. You were the highlight of my day.
Everything I got now are memories and even that seems so far away.
I can't stop wondering: What if I haven't met you? Would my life be the same? And what if things were different? Would it have worked? If I haven't met you, I wouldn't be hurting.
But then I think: I would rather be suffering right now, that not knowing you. I can handle pain, (even though it kills me inside) I learn to live along with it. What I can't handle is not knowing you, so I'm happy I did. You changed my life and made it better, brighter and I thank you for it.

 * I wish I could still say you're the highlight of my day because that would
mean you'd still be there. That doesn't mean I forgot about you, though.
I think of you, every single day.

quarta-feira, maio 18

Day 21.

Definições de emoção e sentimento
As emoções são reacções publicamente observáveis. São algo que acontece de repente, de forma brusca. Não requerem consciência e a sua duração é relativamente limitada. Os sentimentos são, em geral, experiências mentais privadas que, ao contrário das emoções, não podem ser observados por outras pessoas. As emoções estão na base dos sentimentos (também podem gerar emoções). Os sentimentos resultam do trabalho mental da elaboração das experiências emocionais. As emoções acontecem e passam, podendo regressar, desde que um estímulo as desencadeie, ao passo que os sentimentos ficam e acompanham-nos ao longo do tempo com maior ou menor intensidade.

Psicologia B, 12º ano.

sexta-feira, maio 13

Day 16.

Now I'm gone, too. I've been gone for almost a week. And it's so strange, because when it comes "the time", I feel like I should be there. Instead, I'm here. That was my place for three months, two hours a day. And I know that's the stupidest thing to say but... I wish I could go back. I miss it there.
I left the place that reminds me more of you, the place where I met you  for the first time. And I won't be able to see it anymore. And, as crazy as may sound, I love that place.
It wasn't bad enough watch you leave, now I can't go to the only place where I know I could (possibly) find you again.

Time has passed, but there's not a day I don't think of you...

quinta-feira, maio 5

Day 8.

terça-feira, maio 3

Day 6.

"When you left and he left, you took everything with you. But the absence of him is everywhere I look. It's like a huge hole has been punched through my chest. But in a way I'm glad. The pain is my only reminder that he was real. That you all were."

Bella Swan, in New Moon.

P.s. I miss you so much it hurts.

segunda-feira, maio 2

Day 5.

The days seem huge now. Endless.
Time doesn't pass like it should, it's driving me crazy.
It has been 5 days since you left and it feels so much more than that.
It's ridiculous how much I miss you.

domingo, maio 1


To get through the day, I try to fill my head up with thoughts. Every kind of thoughts. And when my mind is "empty", you come in. Then, I find something else to think about. I try to think about everything but this. I even repeat them, if it's needed. I must post pone the pain of your absence as much I can.
But there comes a time that there's nothing more to think about but this. And then I realise: all my thoughts lead to you. It's inevitable.
So I lay down in bed, praying to fall asleep quickly so that I don't have time to think about you. That's the only time I'm okay, I'm sleeping.
And when I wake up, it starts all over again (...)

The night feels so short.